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EMTECH India 2010

EmTech India 2010will be held March 8-9th, is a two-day summit exploring next-generation technologies and their impact on business and society. The event will attract top decision makers from the technology, engineering, investment and management communities from around the world. The event will also feature the first ever India TR35 list and awards ceremony, which recognizes the 35 top innovators under the age of 35.

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Best Inventions of 2009

It’s 2010 now! Lists, lists, lists, all kinds of the Best of Lists.

One of interest to us, is Times Best Inventions of 2009! A big list of 50 best inventions.

My TOP 5 Favs include, #2 Tuna in a Tank (love sushi), #3 a new light bulb by Phillips (saves energy), #6 Teleportation, #35 Handyman’s Xray, and #42 the super suit.

Check them out here Best Inventions of 2009

All kinds of industry sectors are involved, these new products and services will hopefully serve us well.

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How to Capture your Ideas

Do you ever have great thoughts, ideas that come to you at weird hours, and just as fast, they disappear. I found it very useful to use those moments to stop and capture your ideas, helping start the inventions process, leading you down the path to innovation and a possible new product or service.  Just write your ideas down, and include a few strands of thought that links them to your creative process!

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Merry Christmas

For all those with ideas, inventions and innovations that they have worked on this year, and for all other visitors, MERRY CHRISTMAS!!

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Ideas are Free … Taking Action takes Discipline

Once said … every bar stool has an idea attached, often encased in a brain being inebriated by alcohol. Great ideas are a dime a dozen, but insight into seeing the greatness in an idea, taking the next steps moving the idea through to delivery, making the innovation process happen is where more talent is needed.

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