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Top sex inventions in 2010

2010 was a great year for inventions, including some great new sex inventions.

The U.S. Patent Office was where Thomas Edison unveiled his light bulb, Eli Whitney introduced the cotton gin and Robert Fulton brought the steamboat to public consciousness. It’s also where Kathleen R Stigar-Brown let the world know about her clitoral clip. For every important invention registered with the Patent Office, there are, it seems, two perverted contraptions examined and inspected by government officials.

In 2010, nothing new, just some good old fashion sex inventions including spray-on condoms, a robot, and others.

A New Jersey company says it has developed “the world’s first sex robot,” a life-size rubber doll that’s designed to engage the owner with conversation rather than lifelike movement. At a demonstration at the Adult Entertainment Expo in Las Vegas on Saturday, the dark-haired, negligee-clad robot said “I love holding hands with you” when it sensed that its creator touched its hand. It also did other things … 🙂

As for the spray-on condom here is the story …the prototype, which began testing last year, consists of a hard plastic tube with nozzles that spray liquid latex from all directions, much like the water jets in the tunnel of a car wash. According to Krause, there are numerous advantages to his spray-on condom. “The condom fits 100% perfectly, so the safety is much higher than a standard condom’s, and it feels more natural.” But there are some stumbling blocks. The men who tested the spray-on condom had a few hesitations, Krause says. Some were “a little bit afraid to use the tube” and would only try it on their fingers. Others worried that the mechanism, which hisses as it sprays, might ruin the mood.

Here’s to 2011 and some more great inventions.

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Eco earbuds

EOps Noisezero i+ Eco earbuds get cornstartch construction, finger-friendly design

Recently create, the Noisezero i+ Eco Edition earbuds, which are constructed with cornstarch(Eco), equipped with an iPod / iPhone-friendly inline remote and a design to make it easier for these to be inserted into one’s ear.

Numerous colours will eventually arrive. Listen to Michael chat about them below.

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Best Inventions of 2010

It’s heading for 2011 now! Lists, lists, lists, all kinds of the Best of Lists.

One of interest to us, is Times Best Inventions of 2010! A big list of 50 best inventions.

My TOP 5 Favs this year include, ipad, eLegs Exoskeleton, Martin Jetpack, the Antro Electric Car, and Power-Aware Cord.

Check them out here Best Inventions of 2010

All kinds of industry sectors are involved, these new products and services will hopefully serve us well.

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